Visual Poetry in Motion


Wei Zhang particularly focuses on artist’s moving images. These films represent an innovative approach to non-vococentric essay filmmaking. Instead of heavily relying on verbal narration or texts, these works embrace an intuitive, spontaneous, and experimental process. This means that texts, scripts, or language are not the primary foundation or pre-set elements to be translated into the audio-visual sequence. Instead, all the filmic codes work collectively and mutually to inspire and construct the films. The ultimate objective is to explore the intricate interplay between images, text, sound, and music through irrational edits that seamlessly blend live-action, 2D, and 3D animation, along with a fusion of celluloid and digital footage. Zhang’s work delves into the inherent ‘in-betweenness’ of these diverse elements, resulting in a unique cinematic landscape.

The video series of performances highlights Zhang’s exploration of themes like body, identity, and life through metaphorical reflections and symbolic imagery, challenging societal norms and encouraging contemplation on the essence of existence.

This 11-minute collage film explores Zhang’s personal trauma through a blend of various media forms and techniques, creating an alternate reality with symbolic characters representing complex emotions.

The Avulsed Rabbit is a dystopian sci-fi film that follows a teenager questioning their identity after encountering a monster, using symbolism and provocative language to challenge patriarchal norms and emphasize the importance of queer theory.

Father, Dad, Daddy is an experimental video exploring hybrid queer identity through abstract art, performance, and animation, aiming to challenge societal norms and highlight the Asian queer community’s struggles.

2x+xy=1 is an innovative collage film that explores body, gender, and sexuality by blending performance art, abstract fluid components, and symbolic polygons in a sci-fi atmosphere, challenging binary structures and humanity’s concept through altered queer bodies representation.

Embark on a captivating journey in Undercurrent, a short film exploring an unconventional romance, where a seemingly ordinary lighter symbolizes a poignant connection between a heterosexual man and a spirited young boy.

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