The Avulsed Rabbit (2021)

The film presents an unusual Sci-Fi and dystopian world where gender essentialism and heteronormativity persist and are widely accepted. The Avulsed Rabbit tells the story of an impressionable teenager, using a sarcastic and melancholic tone, who is heavily influenced by these conservative ideals. After a bizarre encounter with a monster (a new type of leech), the teenager begins to question their own sex, gender, and sexuality. The film utilizes various symbols and provocative language to expose the dark aspects of a patriarchal society, challenging the notion of toxic masculinity and revealing the unequal treatment of women and LGBTQ+ individuals across social, cultural, and political realms. Through this distinct lens, The Avulsed Rabbit effectively emphasizes the significance of queer theory.

The presentation of The Avulsed Rabbit at CCA, Glasgow

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