Filmmaker & visual artist.
Engaging in a creative interplay between artist’s moving images, animation, and sculpture.

About Me

Wei Zhang (born in 1991, China) is a filmmaker and visual artist currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, where they have been residing and working for over 9 years. Zhang is a PhD researcher at Kingston School of Art, focusing on a practice-based project in fine art that explores the relationship between non-vococentric (non-verbal) artists’ moving image, language, and queerness. Proficient in media such as moving images, animation, and video installation, Zhang’s artistic pursuits are deeply influenced by various disciplinary fields, including transnational queer studies and transnational essay film studies. Their work delves into themes of the migrant queer experience, neurodivergent experience, hybrid identity, and body horror, aiming to deconstruct traditional gender binaries, challenge patriarchal control, and promote cultural unity while addressing discrimination and racism towards marginalised communities.


BA in Directing at ChongQing University (2010 – 2014) with Distinction, #1 in a cohort of 16;

MSc in Filmmaking and Media Arts at the University of Glasgow (2015 – 2016) with Merit;

Master of Fine Art in the Glasgow School of Art (2018 – 2020) with Distinction.


2023 – But I Am Pretty, Collective, the Satellites Programme invited by Katherine Ka Yi Liu, Edinburgh, the UK.

2022 – A Tub and Holometabolism, Posthuman Art Resident Program 2022, invited by Foreign Objekt Posthuman Lab, San Francisco, the US.


2023 – Selected in Hospitalfield – Interdisciplinary Residency Programme 2023, Arbroath, the UK.

2022 – Selected in the Posthuman Art Resident Program 2022, Foreign Objekt Posthuman Lab, Posthuman Art Network, The Space Gallery, San Francisco, the US.

2021 – Selected in the New Art School Bursary Awards, NAS, the UK.

2021 – Selected in the Hardship Fund for Creative Freelancers, Creative Scotland, the UK.

2021 – Selected in Tramway Supports Residency Programme with grants, Tramway, Glasgow, the UK.

2017 – Short film Undercurrent was nominated by Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards; TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival; Big Fandom Film Festival.



2019 – 2x+xy=1, The Art School, Glasgow, UK.


2021 – The Avulsed Rabbit, Intermedia Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, the UK.


2023 – The Avulsed Rabbit, ‘Time, Again: Present’, Aya Films & Curate-It, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow, the UK.

2023 – The Pool Full of Wine, Annual Group Show, Old Contemporaries, Dundee, the UK.

2023 – Kaleidoscope, Queer East Festival & BLON Animation and Game Festival, Klaipeda, Lithuania.

2022 – In the penumbra, the strange wave, Out of Sight Out of Mind 2022, Edinburgh, the UK.

2022 – The Avulsed Rabbit, ESEA heritage month, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, the UK.

2022 – In the penumbra, the strange wave, Annuale 2022, EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh, the UK.

2022 – In the penumbra, the strange wave, Another Shape, Add & Minus, Happy Tide Will Flood Again, 5 Florence Street, Glasgow, the UK.

2022 – The Avulsed Rabbit, 12th Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, The UK.

2022 – The Avulsed Rabbit, Toronto Queer Film Festival 2022, Online Platform.

2021 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Liminal Pavilion, the Bangkok Biennial 2020, Bangkok, Thailand.

2020 – 2x+xy=1 & Kaleidoscope, Queer Animations Screening, Toronto Queer Film Festival, Online Platform.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Liminal Pavilion, An excess of white – Sunday Studios, Montreal, Canada.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, CIRCA “Class of 2020”, Piccadilly Lights in Piccadilly Circus, London, the UK.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, GRADCURATE – Summer 2020 Exhibition, Online Platform.

2020 – Kaleidoscope, Royal Scottish Academy, SSA/VSA: Cutlog, Edinburgh, the UK.

2019 – 2x+xy=1, Centre for Contemporary Art, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, the UK.

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