Wei Zhang’s animations are based on unique, intuitive drawings that showcase transformed or even monstrous figures. These figures represent a blend of queer and post-human body concepts. These drawings are influenced by Zhang’s own experiences, particularly those related to trauma and migration. They reflect the complex facets of what it means to have an Asian queer identity, demonstrating the struggles and fantasies that come with a science fiction perspective, transcending Zhang’s melancholy, pain, and horror.

The Pool Full of Wine is a video installation portraying an escapist’s fantasy through queer experiences and hybrid identities, featuring metamorphosed bodies in a fluid world, and promoting open dialogue with its non-vococentric soundtrack and disconnected visuals.

Wei Zhang’s 2D animation Kaleidoscope explores a future world where advancements in gene-editing and organ transplants redefine human evolution, leading to a reimagining of hybridity, queerness, and the obsolescence of technology.

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