Add & Minus (2022)

The video series of performances showcases Zhang’s profound artistic journey, with a focus on themes such as the body, identity, and the shape of life, employing symbolic imagery. Each performance serves as a metaphorical reflection, highlighting the contrast between queer bodies and the established norms of human physicality.

In one particular piece, Zhang takes on a challenging task, using a stethoscope as a prop, to question traditional notions of a healthy human body and to encourage contemplation on the concept of humanity itself. By symbolically wrestling with the stethoscope, Zhang challenges the societal expectations placed upon bodies that deviate from heteronormative standards.

Another work in the series involves Zhang placing silver leaves on a slice of pork belly. This ceremonial performance presents the meat being covered or protected by a delicate armour. Zhang aims to explore the fundamental nature of life and the human body, wherein the meat undergoes change, transformation, and metamorphosis. Through this evocative act, Zhang prompts viewers to contemplate the inherent adaptability and the essence of existence of the body and life itself, if there is an essence.

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