Wei Zhang


Wei Zhang was born in China and currently lives in Glasgow.


Wei Zhang has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Film Directing (with First Class) at Chongqing University in China.


Wei Zhang has obtained the first Master’s degree in Filmmaking and Media Arts (with Merit) at the University of Glasgow and the second Master’s degree in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art (with Distinction).


Wei Zhang (b. 1991, China) currently lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a filmmaker and visual artist working between moving images, performance, and installation. Zhang explores the hybridity, intersectionality, and transnationality of Queer theory by connecting it with post-colonial theory and classic Asian philosophy. He is also interested in the idea of Utopia and the future of humanity by thinking of transhumanism, the body, and technology. Fascinated by collage with various digitalized film footages, Zhang blends impure and discontinuous intermedial images to build up a surreal space where reproduction, bloodline, family, and kinship intertwine.




Solo exhibition

2019 – 2x+xy=1, The Art School, Glasgow, UK.


Dual exhibition

2021 –  The Avulsed Rabbit,  The Auto – Buzz of Hybrid Kim and Rabbit, Intermedia Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, the UK.


Group exhibition

2021 – Father, Dad, Daddy,  the Glasgow School of Art Student Showcase, Tramway TV, Online.

2021 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Liminal Pavilion, the Bangkok Biennial 2020, Bangkok, Thailand.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Liminal Pavilion Online Exhibition, Cluster, Online.

2020 – 2x+xy=1 & Kaleidoscope, Queer Animations Screening, Toronto Queer Film Festival, Online.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Liminal Pavilion, An excess of white – Sunday Studios, Montreal, Canada.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, CIRCA “Class of 2020” showcase on Piccadilly Lights in Piccadilly Circus, London, the UK.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy,  GRADCURATE – Summer 2020 Exhibition, Online.

2020 – Father, Dad, Daddy, Artprideintl., Online.

2020 – Kaleidoscope, Royal Scottish Academy,  SSA/VSA: Cutlog, Edinburgh, the UK.

2019 – 2x+xy=1, Centre for Contemporary Art, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow, the UK.

2019 – Kaleidoscope, The Glue Factory, MFA Interim Show, Glasgow, the UK.

2019 – Hopelessly Devoted – Three, The Garment Factory, Glasgow, the UK.


Residency, Grants and Awards

2021 – Selected in the New Art School Bursary Awards, NAS, the UK.

2021 – Selected in Tramway Supports Residency Programme with grants, Tramway, Glasgow, the UK.

2020 – Project The Auto-Buzz of Hybrid Kim and Rabbit was granted by Intermedia Gallery of Centre for Contemporary Art, CCA, Glasgow, the UK.

2019 – Making Space – Queering Space, Milk Café, Glasgow, the UK.

2019 – Experimental Residency: group performance with new materials, Tontine, Glasgow, the UK.

2017 – Short film Undercurrent was nominated by Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards; TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival; Big Fandom Film Festival.












2019 – 装置影像作品“2x+xy=1”展于格拉斯哥艺术大学。(英国·格拉斯哥)



2021 – 装置影像作品“被撕裂的兔子”将会展览于格拉斯哥当代艺术中心美术馆CCA。(英国·格拉斯哥)



2021 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地” 将会展览于2020曼谷双年展的Liminal Pavilion。 (泰国·曼谷)

2020 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地”将会参加Liminal Pavilion线上展览,位于日本的Cluster网络虚拟平台。

2020 – 影像作品“万花筒”和“2x+xy=1”将会展览于加拿大的多伦多酷儿电影节的网络虚拟平台。

2020 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地” 将会参加Liminal Pavilion展览,位于加拿大蒙特利尔市的Sunday Studios-An excess of white。(加拿大·蒙特利尔)

2020 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地” 展览于 的伦敦Piccadilly Circus的Piccadilly Lights。(英国·伦敦)

2020 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地”展览于GRADCURATE-2020夏季展览的虚拟网络平台。

2020 – 影像作品“父亲,爸爸,爹地”展览于Artprideintl机构的虚拟网络平台。

2020 – 影像作品“万花筒”展览于苏格兰皇家学院。(英国·爱丁堡)

2019 – 影像作品“2x+xy=1”展览于格拉斯哥艺术中心。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2019 – 装置影像作品“万花筒” 展于胶厂美术馆。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2019 – 装置作品“绝望的祈祷 -3” 展于服装工厂美术馆 。(英国·格拉斯哥)



2021 – 被选中New Art School的艺术资助项目。(英国)

2021 – 被选中Tramway 的资助驻留项目。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2020 – 项目Order G被中间艺术馆给予资助。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2019 – 参与了Making Space – Queering Space艺术家联合工作坊。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2019 – 组织了实验驻留艺术项目-新材料与新雕塑形式。(英国·格拉斯哥)

2017 – 短片电影 Undercurrent (暗涌)获得了 美国洛杉矶独立电影节的提名,英国每月电影节提名以及美国大粉丝电影节提名。