White Rabbit and Avulsion (In Progress)

White Rabbit and Avulsion is a part of ongoing series, Rabbits. In the series, Wei dates back to his adolescent queer life as an inspiration. It aims to criticize the ‘totality’ thinking of Marxism on sex, gender, and sexuality, which reinforces patriarchy, heteronormativity, etc. in the scenario of China and also reinforces the queer form of generalization without considering gender, ethnicity, diaspora, transnationality etc. in queer theory. Wei wishes Rabbits series can continuing developing transnational queer studies a little bit through the intervention of Sino-queer experience, and continuing challenging patriarchy and heteronormativity.


White Rabbit and Avulsion focuses on the issue that Marxism’s traditional emphasis on thinking of ‘totality’ elide or deprioritize questions of gender, sex, and sexuality. Kevin Floyd believes a persistent Marxian tendency subordinate these sexual questions to ‘total’ or national concerns, not only as “merely culture” but as always already localized and particularized culture. Wei argues that Marxists reject to introspect or criticize traditional gender, sex, and sexuality historically constructed by yin and yang concept and Confucianism in China. This intensifies the power of discipline and shape of the systematic structure of patriarchy and reinforces an objectively totalized heteronormativity. Thus, ‘obligatory heterosexuality’, homophobia or queerphobia are the inevitable results underneath heterosexual patriarchy, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick believed.


White Rabbit and Avulsion inspired by Wei’s trauma that he was excluded, bullied, linguistic insulted and sexually assaulted by his straight male roommate in the boarding school when he was only 13 years old. It was all because of his strong femininity and effeminate appearance. Wei was hopeless and helpless. Nobody told Wei that men being sexually assaulted means crime or incorrect since there was (is) no proper sex education towards LGBTQ+ groups and was (is) no certain law to protect men who were (are) sexual assaulted; most people told Wei there was (is) no pity for weak, feminine, homosexual (queer) men. Men only can be strong, masculine, heterosexual. This norm brought intense mental health issues for Wei.