The Heteroglossia of Stones

The Heteroglossia of Stones is an audial-visual work inspired by Mel Chen’s book named Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect. She believes that an adult male who is “free”, able-bodied and with intact linguistic capacities, white, etc. stands by the top of the hierarchy at the most “animate” or active agent within grammars of ordering; Women, animals, racialized men, disabled people, devils or demons, stones are at the lower place of the animacy hierarchy. It is critical to distinguish between relatively dominant formulations of animacy hierarchies and relatively subordinated ones who are shaped by the spread of Christian cosmologies, capitalism, and the colonial orders of things. Furthermore, she also believes that “insults, shaming language, slurs, and injurious speech can be thought of as tools of objectification, but these also, in crucial ways, paradoxically rely on animacy as they objectify, thereby providing possibilities for reanimation.”


Chinese Virus or Kung Flu, wildly considered as racism, linguistically structured Chineseness with COVID-19 and broadly spread by powerful white politicians for geopolitical confrontations. This has objectified, degraded, and dehumanized ordinary Chinese people as savage bat-eaters or demons carrying deadly pestilence, which disgrace ordinary Chinese people at the bottom of the animacy hierarchy. Then, ordinary Chinese people are subordinated as “Others” in the post-humanism perspective.


The trailer of the Heteroglossia of Stones is showing below. If you feel interested, please contact Wei to access the full work.