This experimental, one channel, 2D flat animation Kaleidoscope is built by Wei Zhang, which features the possibility of a future world. Due to the gene-editing, gene-modification and organ transplant, the ability of the human body will enhance and evolve incredibly in the future. Human body shape, therefore, will breakthrough what it is. Organs will be not what we think it should function. Race, sex, genders and sexualities will not exist any longer. Meanwhile, Body mechanism will be much more efficient than AI or machines, and it will make the cyber technologies and machines eliminate gradually. Wei depicts that a couple, who live in the future world, divide the domestic labour based on negotiation rather than conventional gender roles and work with the new body mechanism for a domestic area. Kaleidoscope supplies an alternative mind of thinking about our community towards current social issues.


Music by OLI.


The trailer of Kaleidoscope is showing below. If you feel interested, please email Wei to access the full work.