Wei Zhang’s practice is an experimental film created by multi post-production technologies, including 3D animation skills. 2x+xy=1 is constructed by the abstract fluid matters and concrete polygons to display the feature of the non-binary and the binary, the expression of emotion and the symbol of predicament. 2x+xy=1 presents Wei’s illustration of the queer universe to challenge the binary ideology in China, which is shaped by the Chinese mythology of the mother goddess of Nüwa who creates humans in a binary system. This practice is based on Wei’s personal life experience in China with full of misery and depression. Until touched the umbrella term of genderqueer or non-binary, Wei started to walk on the road of self-healing and find his identity by thinking and accepting of the inconsistency of his sex and gender.


Music by Daniel Birch and Soularflair.


The trailer of 2x+xy=1 is showing below. If you feel interested, please email Wei to access the full work.